Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

We've had this box of wine in the fridge for ages...we didn't really like it all that well, but every once in a while we'd pour a half a glass just to try to drink it down. No use in WASTING wine, after all. So it was almost gone and then my folks came up.

My Mom informed me that she finished the box of wine - there was probably only a glass or so left in it, so they REPLACED it for us.

With the same wine.

*sigh* so now we have a BRAND NEW box of the wine we didn't like in the first place.

I think it is incredibly thoughtful & generous of them to REPLACE a box of wine when they were babysitting OUR daughter for FREE for the whole weekend...but I just wish it was a different kind, that's all.

Anyone want a glass of wine?


Cody said...

well, that's better than being out of wine!

carrster said...


Kate said...

If you haven't opened it, you can still exchange it.


I know these things. Being a boxed wine drunk.

Anna said...

Isn't that what stitch n bitch and craftapalooza are for? As long as it doesn't smell like fireworks, bring it over on Wednesday, SOMEONE will drink it (esp if Holly is there) and you can drink the fun Wildflower that I have ready to be opened.

carrster said...

Eh, the wine has been returns there.