Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Fun Day

On Saturday, despite all the work we have to do around our house, we decided to have some fun together as a family. It's been a while since we've gotten to do that.

We got on our bikes and headed to the Lakewalk where the 1st annual Lakewalk Festival was happening. They had stations set up all along the Lakewalk where you could pick up your "Passport to Fun" and then get it stamped at various other spots along the Lakewalk. It was a "treasure hunt" of sorts. There were clues and you had to find each station in order to get a stamp. It was quite clever. We got 16 out of 27 which made us eligible for free ice cream & to be entered into a drawing for local gift certificates, etc (we must not've won because I haven't heard anything). Dahlia had fun checking out the animals from the zoo (a snake, a guinea pig & a ferret), dancing, sitting in a fire truck, people & dog watching...and of course eating ice cream!

After we were done with the Lakewalk we headed over to Bayfront Festival Park for the "Harvest Fest & Energy Fair" that was taking place. There was a huge farmer's market, a bunch of booths with energy efficient products/building materials, arts & crafts stalls, a 'petting zoo,' food vendors, etc. We just walked around and checked out a few things, saw the ponies & bunnies & chickens, ate some hot dogs and stocked up on some locally grown produce!

Then we were back to the Lakewalk. We stopped at Bridgeman's on the way home to get our free ice cream. It was delicious! The bike up the hill sucked as usual and I think next time I'm going to lobby for parking at the far end of the Lakewalk WITH bikes so that I can avoid that hill. It almost kills me!

We got home, changed & headed back to the beach. Steve was dying to jump in and refresh. I hung out with Dahlia on the beach until she couldn't stand it any more and had to go in too. She LOVED it. She could be in that water all day. She's definitely a water baby.

After the beach we hit Sammy's for pizza and then home to bed. Miss Dahlia was POOPED and quite frankly so was I.

It was a great day! We had a lot of fun. Next week, Chester Park Fall Festival!


Kate said...

She's growing too fast! And I love that she's a water baby. Love it!

Meigan said...

What pretty pictures!

She's so cute, Carrie - and she's really getting to look a lot more like her mommy, I think!

donna said...

She looks so much like you!

Samantha Keown said...

Such a fun day!