Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's going on PBS?

Yesterday at 7:30 there was some new animated dinosaur show on (instead of Dahlia's BELOVED Barney) - that's all fine and well, but the audio wasn't working and all we could hear was background music/sound effects, none of the dialogue.. At first I thought maybe it was supposed to be dialogue free....but no, just a technical issue.

Today at 7:30 (my coveted shower time, usually where Dahlia is entertained by said purple dinosaur) there was an episode of "Wishbone" on which is WAY too old for Dahlia. WAY too old.

(great, just saw an ad for Barney - now on at 12:30pm every day...oh THAT'S convenient!).

Anyway - I'm hoping they haven't messed with the Sesame Street schedule....that would just be too much!


donna said...

Bridget LOVES the new Dinosaur Train show.

I think each PBS station does its own thing but Sesame Street is still on at the same time for us.

Do you have a DVR? That makes everything much easier. We get Clifford, Curious George and Sesame Street recorded so we can watch when needed.

Kate said...

Doesn't PBS know about your shower? I mean, seriously.

spigot said...

Tory is flipps over Dinosaur Train. Replaced Rainbow here in Utah. Or was it Clifford???