Friday, September 18, 2009

Can't live like this much longer

Our house is a disaster! Seriously. I cannot stand it. We have all the radiators off upstairs, so that we can paint them & the walls behind them (and remove disgusting wallpaper); the wallboard in the upstairs bathroom is still incomplete, Dahlia's room is ALMOST complete, but her dresser is in the hallway & the changing table is in our room, and the rug is rolled up against the wall in our bedroom; the bookshelves are not not painted yet - so there are piles of books everywhere....the downstairs hasn't been painted so no artwork has been hung (we are approaching our one-year-anniversary in this house; the kitchen has ONE coat of paint on it but not 2 so that's not done. We have "new" (old) radiators in our basement that are waiting to be installed. ARGH!!!!!

I'm so sick of it!

I want to move into a house that is DONE DONE DONE!!!

Because...all THESE changes are cosmetic! Just wait til we dive into the wiring & plumbing. ARGH!!!!!!


donna said...

You ok, honey? Email me if you want to talk.

feisty said...

sounds like it has all added up to one big stressor. sorry to hear you are at a breaking pt. little chunnks at a guys will get it done. take it easy on yourslf