Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

The long weekend has come and gone. *sigh* I wish we had long weekends EVERY weekend. I promise I would not take them for granted!

Thursday night Steve & I (and Dahlia) went out for Mexican and then drove by several houses that we're going to look at this week. They always look so much different (better?) in their photos online. *sigh* Ah well, we will look anyway. Thursday evening we sat in the backyard with a lovely fire until all the damn fireworks in the 'hood got too annoying.

Friday we lazed around a bit, went for a hike in Chester - Dahlia's first experience in the backpack carrier - she loved it! Then we came home, made rice krispie bars and had a family "nap." Well, "nap" doesn't quite describe it...we laid in our bed, Dahlia in between us and she was kind of spazzy and kicking and very cute. It wasn't exactly restful but it was nice.

That night we dropped off Dahlia at "Grandpa Roger's" house and then parked the truck w/the bikes near the Ped Bridge by the freeway. That way we could bike down to Bayfront Park and avoid all the traffic. Bayfront was nice - the weather was just perfect. We had some VIP passes so enjoyed the "backstage" area with lots of free food & beer and good conversation too. Then we enjoyed Martin Zellar & the Hardways. Martin & Nic are from Austin and I've "known" them for a long long time. It was fun to chat with them and see if they'd be interested in doing some music for my next film - whohooo! The concert was great. We spent part of it right up on stage watching with some others. That was fun. The fireworks were great too. I LOVE me some fireworks. We had a front row seat and enjoyed them very much.

I dropped Steve off at a friends after we biked through some nasty traffic - the funniest was when a cop said to me "hurry up, you're blocking traffic..." and the whole STREET was jammed, no one was moving anywhere. How I was blocking traffic, I have no idea. Oh well. I picked Dahlia up and gave her a bottle and went to bed.

Saturday we got the cleaning out bug - or I did rather. We took a truckload of CRAP to the Goodwill. Ah that felt good. Now I need to do more. I need to pack & organize and get ready to list the house. I want to have things DONE this move instead of being so frenzied (ha - not that likely). Saturday night we ate at Sammy's Pizza and spent the rest of the night enjoying (???) the drama in the 'hood.

Yesterday Dahlia & I drove to Red Wing to be at my cousin's son's 1st birthday party (Gavin). Both sets of our family triplets were there so there were 8 babies born between last May and December. Dahlia was the youngest one there! It was very hot & sticky but fun. I played some bocce ball and ate some yummy food. Dahlia got held by lots of people and took a snooze in the wagon. We drove almost 400 miles yesterday! Ugh. I really shouldn't have considering gas prices but I really wanted to be there for the family event.

Last night we endured MORE fireworks & nonsense and a night full of not good sleep at all! Hopefully tonight will be much better!!


Kate said...

That backpack carrier is amazing. I've never seen such a thing. Glad she liked it! And how a policeman could tell a bicylist to hurry up, I don't know! Love the three car train for your sister's kids, too. Is that how they tote them around sometimes?

feistyMNgirl said...

little D looks excited in the bottom photo- never seen her so AWAKE! must be those fireworks..

family nap, pizza, biking...what a great weekend!

Deb said...

I LOVE the family photo! Oh - and Martin Zellar! But can't stand all the amatuer firework blower-offers still having all their fun!

Meigan said...

Whatta great weekend. So cool that you might get Marty & the gang in your next movie!

I was totally impressed with the Two Harbors fireworks show. Very, very impressive & not very crowded - we were home within 20 minutes of seeing the show.

But - we still had stupid people setting off firecrackers till the wee hours. Grrrr.

michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great and eventful weekend!

Glad to hear you're looking at some houses! Keep me posted! Goodluck!

p.s. i miss you and can't wait to see on thursday!