Monday, July 28, 2008


We took Dahlia on her very first camping trip this weekend.

Our goal was to be out of the house by 11:30 on Friday morning (we had a showing of our house then)...but we weren't even CLOSE to ready. We (ahem) are slow packers. Instead I ran the errands (liquor store, groceries) and Steve went to fuel up and get an oil change for the truck....5 hours or so later we were on the road!

We made reservations at Sawbill Lake Campground in the Superior National Forest, at the end of The Sawbill Trail. It was a lovely campground. We were in the site next to some friends - close enough to hang out, far enough to be alone.

Friday night we got everything set up and had a very late dinner. Dahlia was intrigued by the tent and fell asleep almost immediately. That was awesome. Steve & I enjoyed our hot dogs over the fire and a couple beers and the gazillions of stars. Ah heaven.

Saturday we were going to take Miss Dahlia canoeing but it was so damn windy. The lake was CHOPPY and that scared me so we didn't. Instead we lounged around, snoozed, read, and took a hike. Dahlia was completely covered in her Kelty mosquito netting (note: it not only covers the backpack carrier but also her car seat, bouncy seat, and just her laying on the ground! It rocks!). She got a few bites, but WHO DIDN'T? she was a trooper and seemed to really love it. She did sooooo good.

We had breakfast in our dutch oven (thanks, Holly!) - the FIRST TIME we've used that particular wedding gift (I'm embarrassed to say) and it was delish. "Mountainman Breakfast - eggs, sausage, cheese & hashbrowns. Yum. For dinner we used it to cook "Easy Chicken & Rice Dinner" and it was both easy & delicious. We made cherry pies for dessert and enjoyed chatting with our friends until the bugs demanded we go into our tents.

It stormed that night - but Dahlia didn't wake up. It was LOUD. Windy. Lots of rain. But it blew through pretty quickly.

Sunday morning Dahlia literally entertained herself by staring at the ceiling of the tent and the giant flies caught between it and the rain fly for over an hour. It rocked. We ate leftovers, packed up and headed to the boat launch. We swam & Dahlia got her little toes wet (too cold for swimming for her) and then we canoed.

She cried her head off when we put the life vest on but then immediately feel asleep. For a while we were afraid we'd cut off the blood and/or oxygen to her brain! We canoed for maybe an hour & a half or so into Sawbill Lake and OFFICIALLY into the BWCA. Dahlia had me beat by 30 years!

We stopped at the Rustic Inn (home of our wedding pie) for a slice to-go on the way home and got home too late & too dirty; too tired & too hungry...but it was a great weekend.

PHotos to come - or check some out on Dahlia's Site...


michelle said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic weekend! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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