Thursday, July 17, 2008

GOD ROCKED - Twin Cities Premiere!

I didn't even post about the TC premiere of "...and on the 7th day, God Rocked" I must be distracted what with the baby's CT and the house hunting - ay yi yi. My brain is in a million places at once these days.

The premiere went great! We had over 200 in attendance and the response was fantastic. Lots of laughing, some clapping during the film, lots of happy smiley people upon the exit of the film. While I know a lot of the people there knew people in the film, it was fun for me as I was selling tickets to barely know ANYONE! :)

One story a friend of mine told me yesterday - she missed the premiere due to some other obligation but happened to be on a shuttle bus to Rochester (from Mpls) on Saturday and started chatting with an elderly man on the bus. Turns out this man is the organist at the Heights Theater where we had our showing. He was raving (!) about a film he saw there last week and after talking a bit more, she found out it was our film!! He's a church organist as well so found the whole religion thing to be quite funny. That is cool.

The theater is GORGEOUS but there were a few problems. The projector isn't quite as bright as it should've been and although it probably didn't bother people who hadn't seen the film before, it sure bothered us. I also sneaked out about 2 minutes after the film started to take some shots of the cool marquee with our title up and they had already changed it!! That really bummed me out.

It was fun to see lots of family & friends and Miss Dahlia was there too and got to meet some family & friends that she hadn't seen before! Afterwards my parents & my sister & bro-in-law took Dahlia home with them while I got to go out and enjoy a glass of wine with friends & castmates. It was a lot of fun.

So now, onward & upward. We have to get our DVDs created, get our soundtrack finished, start entering festivals & trying to sell this thing!

Oh and we start production on a new film in August. Which I'm directing. Eeeek!


Kate said...

Okay, so who are those two hotties that you are flanked with? Care to hook a sister up? And I can't wait to see the film!

Sarita said...

WHAT?! I'm so sad we missed it.

carrster said...

Sarah - I need your email! I don't have it and I am pretty sure I emailed Peder about it...but I always forget I don't have yours! Boo!

carrster said...

Sorry Kate - they're both married. :(

Kate said...

Phht. Big raspberries on them, then.

Sarita said...

Meigan said...

I agree with K8 - hotties!

And again, I'm so sorry we missed the premier. I'm really bummed out about it.

And what's with the Heights taking down the marquee so quickly? Aren't there rules about leaving it up at least for that entire night??? Unreal.