Thursday, July 31, 2008


Do you know how sometimes you feel like everything is crumbling around you? Say for instance the film you're getting ready to direct, your directorial debut, mind you, starts to unravel in the 11th hour, actors drop out or come up with schedules that are impossible to work around; technicians have babies (expected but still untimely) or decide to start new businesses and become so stressed they can't think straight let alone create art & collaborate....or locations don't fall into place, things are overlooked, scripts come in at the last second and you feel completely overwhelmed? No, not familiar with that feeling? Cause I can tell you ALL about it.

OH! And as an added bonus, you do your daily search for your house that you have for sale on the MLS only to find that IT IS NOT THERE! Not only does it NOT come up when you do a search of the price also does not exist WHEN YOU TYPE IN THE MLS #! Awesome! So with 2 mortgages looming on the horizon, no one even KNOWS that our house is for sale...AND our agent is ON VACATION FOR A WEEK.

Life is sooooo good, pass the tequila.


feistyMNgirl said...

how many days has the house been for sale? i think the MLS doesn't post online for 3-4 days after it is available for other realtors to pass along to their clients. maybe it will be there tomorrow?

Kate said...

I saw it with the MLS # when I looked it up! So maybe it was just a glitch?????

And did you find the perfect one to buy, then? And just waiting for the old one to sell? I think I missed that post!

Meigan said...

Realtors aren't supposed to take vacations, are they? Sounds like you got it fixed, but otherwise I'd be calling his/her cell or company! Ugh!

Hugs for all the other stuff. It really does sound awful.

Holly said...

oh my. it's coming in a bundle, eh? can you find another realtor in the agency who can help you discover why it isn't showing? someone else should be able to cover on that end, at least!

sending good vibes your way.