Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Recap

Whew! What a week it was last week...

Tuesday - Lasagna Judgement - it actually went really well. Everyone was on their best behavior. The only thing that irked me is that my BIL (who also came) drove up to the backdoor and they entered there. Unfortunately this is exactly where I DIDN'T WANT them to be. All of our coats, bags, purses, etc were stashed there. The front door enters right by the Christmas tree & fireplace. Hmph. Oh well. So much for first impressions. Everything else went fine and like I said - they were on their best behavior and it was actually quite enjoyable. Who knew?

Wednesday - Steve took the day off and we spent the day packing, making chex mix, raking the roof and getting ready for the trek to Austin. We pulled outta here around 2:30 - only 30 minutes behind schedule. Pretty good for us. We arrived in Austin to 3 babies having dinner and general chaos! haha! Dahlia jumped in on the dinner action. After getting all the babies fed & to bed, the adults enjoyed wild rice soup (my favorite), wine, spritz cookies & other Christmas goodies. And we opened presents. It was fun. I usually am a Christmas morningn type of person for presents but since there were kids there - we figured this would be easier. It was.

Thursday - All the babies slept through the night! Whohooo! Shocking since they were all in weird places (laundry room, walk-in closet, utility room, etc). Whew. That was awesome. My Mom made a brunch for us and we all scarfed it down. This will be the last year I'm sure that we can take so long before getting to the kids' presents. The kids "opened" their gifts and had a great time. The triplets got a "1950's diner" which they all absolutely LOVED. It was cute. After that Steve & I headed out to the Nature Center to get some skiing in before the craziness of the Rossow get together. And it was crazy. 61 people at my aunt & uncle's house in Pine Island. Whew! It was SO LOUD AND OVERSTIMULATING. Ay yi yi. Lots of great food, TONS of relatives and lots of gag gifts. Not my favorite but oh well. Dahlia finally got to meet lots of her great-aunts & uncles & some cousins too. She was a peach - she had so much fun. She actually fell asleep on the floor around 8 she was so tuckered out. How she could sleep in that....I have no idea!

Friday - The babies slept all night again! And they slept in! Whohooo! I think the morning was spent just getting the kids fed, getting us fed and figuring out the afternoon. Oh! And we all went to visit my Dad at work at Target. He really enjoyed showing off all his grandkids. I enjoyed getting some cheap rugs & wrapping paper. It was MOVIE DAY! We were going to go in shifts - girls & boys - so that someone would be home to watch the babies. somehow I lucked out and got to go to both movies! I was in heaven. My Mom, sister & I went to MARLEY & ME (funny, sweet, sad - especially if you have a pet you love to pieces) and after that the guys went to VALKYRIE (and so did I) which I also really enjoyed although - really? No accents? No German? You couldn't even TRY? Hmph.

That night we celebrated my Dad's birthday. We had pizza, cake and played Up & Down the River. Steve & I lost. But it was fun.

Saturday - was the Christmas celebration for my Mom's side of the family. We went to The Oaks where my Grandma lives. They have a very large party room and it's great for big gatherings. This wasn't as big as the Rossow one, but there were 8 1 year olds there! Ay yi yi!~ They all did pretty good. We ate lots of FOOD and I got to see my Grandpa and aunts & uncles. It was fun. Santa came. Dahlia was terrified of him but got a gift anyway! My sister brought a parachute & bells for the kids to play with so there was an actiity. IT was really cute. After that we loaded up and hit the road. The roads were decent and we made pretty good time...we were pooped by theh time we got home.

Sunday - Brunch at Steve's Mom's! Whew. More awesome food, more presents and more food, did I mention that? I was sooooo full. wow. But it was fun. Mis Dahlia made out with so many gifts. Wow. I think she's set for a long time. It was so cute to see both her and baby Anders all dressed up - it was really nice to spend time with Steve's family and recreate Christmas.

And then we came home. It was a very busy holiday and it'll be nice to spend some time just relaxing. Not sure when that'll happen but eventually I suppose.

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Kate said...

Only in Minnesota do you take time to rake the roof before you leave town....

And it sounds heavenly. Busy and crazy, but heavenly.

Much love to you and yours.