Thursday, December 18, 2008

Imagination Library!

I just heard about this new program - which is offered in Duluth - and thought I would share it with you. It's pretty cool.

Dolly Parton started the "Imagination Library" in 1996. She wanted to foster the love of books & reading in preschoolers in her Tennessee community. She decided to provide one new book a month to all preschoolers in that county! the program grew from there and she by 2000 she was doing this for Branson, MO and Myrtle Beach, SC - and then onwards!

Now communities can join (and have to fund the books) but "Imagination Library" handles the admin of it.

Here's what's in it for you!

Kids from birth to age 5 can sign up (if your community participates. Check the website to see if yours does by typing in a zip code). Enroll your child and that's it!

I'm really excited because I'm a nerd for reading and now Dahlia will get a free book a month until she's five!!!

Anyway - I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to pass on the info to any of you with wee ones.

Happy Reading!


Kate said...

My friend Marcia did this for her little girl and she was constantly getting books. It's awesome!

Sarita said...

I just get frustrated with all of the well-off families I know who salivate to participate in stuff like this, even though they an easily afford to provide "age appropriate books" for their own little ones. This is our tax or charity dollars at work. Ms. Parton only pays for the management, which is great, but the resources may not be hitting her intended target: Those for whom access to books will change lives.

Can you tell, we don't have it here in the 'hood?

carrster said...

Maybe it works better in smaller communities like Duluth where if the East-Enders support it (through United Way) the rest of us can participate...and there's a lot of the rest of us...

MamaD4 said...

Wow, big boobs AND a big heart! Who knew it?

Dolly Parton I mean.