Monday, December 01, 2008

In the Habit

I guess I'm kind of in the habit now with daily posting, so why stop? I have so much interesting drivel to put forth, right?

Dahlia has come leaps & bounds in a week! Last week she:

*started to crawl
*did "so big" for the first time
*we had to lower her crib mattress because she's about a minute away from pulling herself up (and over) the crib rail
*she can now point to kitty cats in books, find her "duck" or book when we ask her

She's exploring everything but she's very cautious which I'm happy about. She hasn't gotten too crazy yet and we can pretty much get her away from something in time that she's not supposed to be by or could be trouble. As I'm typing this =, she's just discovered a box of kleenex...doh!

We haven't had hot water since Tuesday. Boy does that suck. yes it does! We've been bathing at my MIL's house which isn't necessarily convenient but at least its an option. We heated up Dahlia's bath water last night on the stove. That seemed to work okay.

The floor guy is returning AGAIN TODAY (4th work day in a row) to install our laminate. If you saw how small our kitchen is, you would agree with me that this job shouldl've taken about 3 hours. HOPEFULLY it will be finished today!

We are almost done painting that dang back bedroom. The trim & ceiling are painted. We have to put a 2nd coat on the walls, oh and the baseboard. I sure hope we can finish that off in the next day or two. We are so slow. Ay yi yi. There is so much to do before Dahlia's party. Ugh.

Time to feed the little queen & pack lunches and head out the door!

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Kate said...

She's growing up so fast!