Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Girl is ONE!

I can't believe Dahlia is ONE. How did this happen??

I was reliving the events yesterday & today. How crappy I felt the day before and how I had no clue that I was potentially (and was!) in labor. How quickly she came. How crazy & scary & wonderful it all was. And how then I had this teeny tiny baby. This year has been amazing. Watching her change. Watching her grow. Watching her learn. It's amazing.

Her party today was "penguin" themed. I had snowflakes & "arctic ice cubes" (blue knox blox), mini snowballs (kix), meatballs & mashed potatoes. The blizzard certainly put a damper on the guest list but my folks, Steve's mom & Roger, Allison & baby Anders, Paul and MariAnna all made it through the fray. We enjoyed good food and Dahlia was a PEACH! She was in a great mood the whole time. She devoured her whole cupcake, she played with all the tissue & her new toys and was in the best mood all day. Now she's napping because she is partied out.

Steve is snowblowing, my mom is cleaning up & my Dad & I are watching the Vikings (win!). It's been a good day, even though I'm disappointed that my sister & the triplets and our other guests couldn't make it. Guess that's what happens in a wintry climate in December. This could happen a lot for Miss Dahlia's birthday....


love mama.

(photos to come...)


Sarita said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss Dahlia!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Dahlia.

Holly said...

I missed this yesterday! Happy Birthday Dahlia!! Love Claire.

Cool! My word verification is thevent (I'm reading it as THE EVENT in honor of Dahlia's 1 year bday!)

Anonymous said...

It is pretty amazing to watch them grow, wondering when they'll be able to do the next thing.

I remember thinking it took forever to get him to hold a rattle; then I was amazed as he learned to pass it from one hand to the other. Now he'll just throw the dang thing across the room.

Yes, pretty amazing. Happy Birthday Dahlia.