Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rejuvenated? Well, not exactly

My folks came up this weekend to take on the Dahlia-nator while Steve & I headed up the shore for a much needed break.

We left on Saturday afternoon & took a short walk on the SHT at the Split Rock River Loop. Being that I'm starting my 3rd trimester (!!!), had to pee & was cold, our walk was not too long, but it was pretty & good to get fresh air. Then back on the road to Grand Marais.

We stayed at the Best Western up there which was really nice! The rooms have very recently been renovated - the theme is obviously Lake Superior & the North Shore as there are granite countertops, the artwork is very Grand Marais-y (rocks, water, etc), even the patterns on the carpet seemed to say something about the lake. We were on the first floor & looked right out onto the beach & lake. Quite lovely. as we entered there was soft jazz playing on the (awesome) Smarter Image clock radio & we were both quite impressed. The bathroom, also rocked. Slate tile, glass doors & a very fabulous shower head. I now want a new shower.

But I digress...

We ate at the Gunflint Tavern - shared an app, a burger & a dessert. Enjoyed being out & about without feeding a small person from our plates. Afterwards we just went back & hung out in our room, went to bed early as I was (am) still feeling crappy. The night of sleep was not good. I kept having coughing fits, which kept waking Steve up which ultimately led to a bout of insomnia for him...it was the longest shortest night ever.

But Sunday dawned eventually & we took on the day. Continental breakfast followed by Steve going off to ski & my lounging in my lounge pants for most of the day. I knitted & watched guilty-pleasure television all day (REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY and MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER - such drivel! I loved it!). I went for a short walk in the afternoon but it was sooooo cold I quickly scurried back inside.

Steve skied at Pincushion Mountain and said it was quite lovely. He also drove a ways up the Gunflint Trail til it got too icy & treacherous. When he returned he hit the hot tub - I put my feet in (darn pregnancy!).

Then off to dinner again. Not much open in Grand Marais on a Sunday in the winter. So we ate at the Tavern again. I got a tavern pizza & was not impressed. I haven't really had an appetite for days so it wasn't too surprising. After dinner it was back to the room for a rousing game of Racko (I won).

Sleep was better, but not perfect. I'm sick of feeling like crap. SICK OF IT. I can't take the good stuff that would knock me out, I am annoying everyone in my family by my non-productive coughing & I'm exhausted. Hmph.

Monday morning we got up & packed up. Drove up the Gunflint aways - it was beautiful. 20 inches of snow up only 4-5 miles (vs the 0 inches in Grand Marais). The trees looked like they were covered in frosting. Steve skied a short loop on the George Washington Trail & I stayed in the nice warm car reading my book.

We got home just after 1pm. My folks had a great time with Miss Dahlia. It was so fun to see her. I missed that girl. My Mom had mad a lasagna for lunch (which we had for dinner), they put up the new crib in the baby's room AND my Dad patched & painted the baby's room. What a huge relief! They are awesome.

After packing up & "big hugs" they were on their way. We tried to get Dahlia to take a nap but she was too keyed up. Then she got C-R-A-B-B-Y (we should've tried harder on the nap front). She wouldn't really eat her dinner. By 6pm we finally calmed her down, I held her & she drank some milk. She then immediately passed out.

So, up to bed around 6:30 or so...I went to bed around 9...couldn't sleep (due to coughing), got up, ate cereal, went back to bed, FINALLY fell asleep and woke up to Dahlia SCREAMING at 12:40am! Awesome.

She was inconsolable & only wanted to come into my bed (my fault, really). I insisted that she lay down - this started a battle. Soon Steve was up - we tried walking, rocking, singing, water, etc. I laid on her floor, she settled down, but as soon as I stood up she started screaming again. I mean REALLY throwing a fit.

Finally at 2:30 Steve went to get her some milk thinking that she might just be hungry. She drank it, I laid her down and we didn't hear another peep til 7:15 this morning. THANK GOD. I of course continued to cough & keep myself up.

So...while the weekend rocked on so many levels, it was hampered by my feeling like crap & continuing to not get good quality sleep. I am already looking forward to bedtime tonight. 9pm sounds good. I want my sore throat & cough to go away. I want my eyes to not be glued shut when I try to open them after waking up. I want to have energy. Is that too much to ask for???

Pics coming soon...

Thanks again Mom & Dad. :)

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Kate said...

IT's nice to get away - the tv and the knitting and the scenery, but the coughing and the lack of sleep - I'm so sorry.

Can you take any cough medicine? Because I recommend Buckleys. It tastes like vicks, but it works.