Thursday, February 04, 2010

Once again...

I get all worked up over something & then I need a few days to take a breath, step back and reassess.

Yeah, the sleeping thing sucks. For sure. It sucks that I have a cold & feel like crap & need to get some decent zzzz's & I'm not. But I'm pretty sure Dahlia won't turn out to be a terrorist if I sleep with her occasionally.

She slept much better last night. Til about 5am. at 5am my brain has switched to "early morning" instead of "middle of the night" thoughts and that is my magic hour where I have no qualms about getting her up to snuggle with me. Because quite frankly the alternative could be that she's DONE sleeping & demand to just get up. It was close this morning. She wanted to read & "get up" but luckily dreamland called her back & I got a couple more hours of sleep.

Pre-Dahlia-waking I slept like crap (unfortunately) due to my dang cough that just won't go away and really only persists after I lay down. And my stupid sore throat. Ugh. But at least I got a little bit better sleep & feel a little better today.

As I was laying there trying not to wake Steve & Dahlia with my incessant hacking, I thought hmmmm, Dahlia still has a bit of a cough, she *could* potentially still have her ear infection (how am I to know? I don't have one of those cool look-in-the-ear flashlights or an MD) & she's (finally!!!) cutting a new tooth. Perhaps THOSE are contributing factors to her not sleeping that well.

So back off I shall. We've tried CIO in the past and it doesn't work very good for us (tried for a MONTH - NOT KIDDING back when she was about 18 months old - that was fun). I think she's just too damn persistent. Feisty. If I don't enter her room at all, she just gets madder & madder & things escalate til everyone in the house is too upset to even THINK about getting good sleep - that's just not worth it (right now, anyway).

I'm a broken record. Seems this happens every few months. I hope we're coming to the end of a cycle because I could really use a month or two of good sleep before I'm up at all hours with a newborn.

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Kate said...

Way to go on giving yourself a break already! You're right. She won't turn into a terrorist and you ALL NEED SOME SLEEP!