Saturday, February 27, 2010

Owls & other assorted woodland creatures

I purchased a crib sheet for Baby B #2's room yesterday - I didn't know which way I was going except for that the walls in his/her room are tan, the dust ruffle is tan w/multi-colored dots & that's about it...

I found a cute crib sheet at Target (which I would photograph but it's in the wash) which has owls, trees & bees on it...(maybe turtles too? I can't remember).

So, I thought "Owls - that's cute." And I started looking on Etsy for some cute art for the walls. I found exactly what I am looking for - except there are far too many choices. I like the idea of trees, squirrels, birds, bees, turtles, bunnies, etc. I think it'll be cute (& I won't spend too much out-of-pocket to throw the room together).

I finished priming the baby's dresser & drawers today. I think it will be white or cream (depending on what we paint the trim in the room) with green knobs. As I said yesterday...I am anxious to get the thing out of the living room & filled with cute, clean, folded ready to go newborn clothes! Maybe tomorrow....

My original plan was just to use Dahlia's stuff (we have extra safari sheets, etc) but the more I see how possessive she is of HER room & HER things, the more I think it's not a great maybe this is the way to go (maybe it won't matter, who knows...).

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Kate said...

When Jenny was pregnant with Brody, she kept dreaming of big oak trees. Her doula told her to listen to it and that ended up being the theme for the baby's room. It suits him.