Monday, September 02, 2013

Postcards from Glensheen

Glensheen Mansion from the lake side
So we made it to Glensheen today. No bike ride or picnic. Instead a nice hearty breakfast at Perkins. That worked.

Looking down the main hallway from the living room.
The tour was great, as usual. I think I have been there at least 6 times. The first was shortly after it opened (1979/80....?!) It is a beautiful home and I love all of the rich fixtures, decor and history. I wish I had longer to spend there. I wish I knew more about really how the family spent their 'every' day days there.

My favorite room - the breakfast room
The grounds are amazing - the vegetable garden makes me so envious! But holy hannah - they need to get in there and pick some produce! There are flowers upon flowers upon flowers. The formal garden screams to be photographed, the trails in the woods beckon you to explore. The kids really enjoyed the grounds, as did Steve & I. I am thinking a picnic on the grounds (grounds only passes are available for $5) is in our future.

The Anunciator - quite cool!
August was a bit squirrelly through the tour (shocking) but Dahlia did really well. I think she liked seeing the "pretty" things. And the "Anunciator" which reminded my dear girl of Downton Abbey. *sigh* a child after my own heart!

Check out the interesting descriptions of the temp on the right!

Cool fireplace in the living room

I could read some books in this library!

Beautiful Girl

Running boy!

A girl on a trail

Glensheen with Tischer Creek (aka Congdon Creek)

The Formal Garden

Sibling Love


Sarita said...

I always mean to get to Glensheen, but never do. Thanks for the taste. Maybe Relia and I can go through sometime soon.

DD4 said...

I loved your photos and finally getting to see some of the inside. I have been past this mansion many times in my life, but we always on our way to and from Lutsen. I'm glad that Dahlia likes "pretty" things. She's so sweet; August is also.