Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here We Go!

Wow - Yesterday was a big day in the Boberg household.  At long last & after much anticipation Dahlia started KINDERGARTEN!

Last spring I was so worried about which school she'd be going to. Would there be enough to challenge her? Would there be a lot of kids with behavioral & emotional problems (there's a long story behind that...I don't just randomly worry about such things)? Would she slip through the cracks because she's not the 'squeaky wheel?' I set those worries aside earlier this summer & decided to embrace our neighborhood school. We'll see how it goes! I do know that this school has become one of the most sought after schools in the city! It's a "new" school - well, a combination of two of the more 'urban' schools in the district. It's in an OLD building, but is very much renovated & added on to. it's beautiful. We saw it for the first time last Friday. They've done a great job.

BUT...enough about that! MY BABY STARTED KINDERGARTEN! How can this be?

She has been so looking forward to this day. She picked out a new outfit, got her supplies all ready, got a new headband, (got new shoes which she now doesn't seem to want to wear). Picked out a lunch box & even helped make her own first lunch! She's all grins every time we talk about Kindergarten.

We met her teacher & saw her classroom at an Open House last Friday. She was very happy because her friend from our neighborhood (Astrid) is in her same class. She also was happy because she remembers the teacher (Mrs. Englund) from Kindergarten Round-up last spring and she is "who (Dahlia) wanted!"

We walked her to the bus (which is 3 blocks away - not even a straight shot - too far in my opinion) & watched her get on the bus. Such a big girl!

As soon as she got on the bus, August said "I miss Dahlia." I almost lost it then, but did my best to hold my tears in! Then Steve, August & I walked back home, hopped in the car & drove up to the school to meet her as she got off the bus. We waited for a bit & watched lots of other kids get off buses, but no Dahlia! I decided to go check her classroom & sure enough! There she was. Just sitting in her spot, working on decorating her name tag as she should. *sigh* That kid!

She showed me her cubby and was happy to learn that soon they'd be playing with blocks. It was time for Mom & Dad to leave.

I'm so proud of Miss Dahlia. I can hardly believe she's old enough to be going off to school 'by herself' and yet, there she goes! Such a heart crushing (in a good way) time!


DD4 said...

What an excellent account on this big day in the life of your family. These passages can be difficult, but you made a nice event out of it. I hope Dahlia has a great year in kindergarten!

feisty said...

i got teary eyed reading this. UGH, too soon! too soon!!!!