Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ahhhhh.... Saturday! I have been looking forward to you since Monday. This week I really REALLY REALLY felt the need for you. Bad. Thank God you happened.

The breakfast thing worked out okay - the kids actually slept til about 7:15 which is about an hour 15 longer than I thought they would. I hooked them up with a DVD & their breakfast boxes & went back to bed. IT WAS AMAZING. I was sort of in that hazy in between sleep & awakeness for about another hour which was fantastic. Loved it.

August relaxing in the "Pillow Pit" from the night before. Love his repose.
 We had some "hometime" which consisted of dragging most toys out of their homes & spreading them throughout the house. It also included multiple snacks & requests to play PBS kids on the computer & watch more movie (I said no...such a terrible Mom....)
A little jammie-painting time before moving on to anything else.
 By lunchtime I wanted to get out for a bit. I bought a SUPER cute dress for Dahlia on this group on Facebook that I'm on for Miss Dahlia. I had to pick that up in wanted to make the trip count & didn't want to deal with lunch (oh and wanted to get some vino for later!) - so we hit Culver's, the liquor store & went to Superior to pick up the dress.

Lunch at Culvers with my two cuties.
 Then we ended up at the park. The kids call this particular park (Portland Square) the "double-park" because there are two play areas. The big area & the small (new, finally) area. They love running back & forth between them. I keep thinking I'll be able to sit back & read my book while at the park. I am constantly wrong.
Tire Swing fun at the park.
Funky spinny thing at the playground.

August on the bongos
 Once we got home, Dahlia requested a fort. And I'm a sucker for building forts so I agreed. This one was pretty fun although I should invest in better "clips" than the clothespins I use. The parachute we bought from Steve's co-workers a few years back (for $2) is awesome for fort building (and being a colorful "ghost" - the kids love that). We've gotten every penny & then some outta that purchase.
 The kids watched FANTASTIC MR. FOX again (bad mom! letting my kids have more screen time!) While I putzed in the kitchen & finished watching BREAKING BAD (I'm a half season behind....). (Hey a Mom needs her screen time too!). I was happy they loved FFF  so much as it is a film by one of my favorite filmmakers based on a book by one of my favorite authors (Wes Anderson; Roald Dahl respectively).
Chillin' in the fort & watching the cheesiest 80's family movie ever. (they loved it)
 I made these corn-dog muffin bite things which I got off the blackhole of ideas & time - PINTEREST (which I adore, I'm not going to lie). I thought they were awesome. The kids picked them apart til they were like little mini-hot dog corpses & they were vultures....but whatever.
Mini-corn dog bites...I thought these were awesome. The kids were less than impressed.
 We watched THE LAST FLIGHT OF NOAH'S ARK which is a movie from 1980 which is HORRIBLE and yet so good. So good because I have faint childhood memories of it. Horrible because I could strain my spaghetti in the plot constructs & execution (ie: SO MANY HOLES). And it's just so campy. And cheesy. And ugh. But whatever. It was fun to watch it with them. And RICKY SCHROEDER! Silver Spoons era! Elliot Gould is the star & says "hell" more times than I think they would allow now in a "G" rated film, but ah well. I'm pretty sure my kids are left unscarred by it.

We rounded out the night by making an AWESOME batch of zucchini brownies. I was planning on making brownies for the church potluck the next morning. And then my friend Theresa posted that she was making zucchini brownies & I knew I had to try them! I have 2 huge zucchinis left. I wanted to make a double batch but ran low on sugar & flour. Oh well. Dahlia was so sweet. While making them she showed August how to "add love" and went on to add bucketfuls. They both poured & stirred (although I did all the measuring. I'm not quite ready to give up those reins yet!).  They turned out GREAT!
Ending the evening making zucchini brownies - which were AWESOME. Potluck at church in the AM.
We had such a fun day. We just rolled with it. Went with the flow. No one got too irritated with each other. No major grievences. A really nice family centric day.

Today is Sunday though. Now Steve is home & putting the kids to bed & I wish I had a WHOLE SATURDAY to do more stuff. *sigh* It will come.

Have a great week.


African Kelli said...

They had a blast! Love it.

African Kelli said...

So, how many meals will you get out of that $88 investment? And have you eaten any of them? Good?