Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I haven't posted much about August's progress & am feeling like such a bad-Mama for I thought I'd update a few things.

August is a MOVING MACHINE. If he is restrained, he is unhappy. He wants to be walking, running, climbing, crawling, whatever - all. the. time. It is exhausting. I am longing for our old backyard which was all grassy & fenced in! I would love to just let him run, but we don't have much space! I took him to the library today for story time and he just ran & ran in the open room. He loved it. Also - climbing on chairs. Good grief, this one will be the death of me (oh and he just now WALKED down the backstairs to the backdoor. Ay yi yi. Need to be more vigilant about shutting that door!

He now says "no" quite well (& frequently). His other words are Mama, Daddy, "Dahlia," hot, uh-oh, he can sort of bark for a dog... Not a ton of words, yet, but he babbles all the time. I think Dahlia was saying a LOT of words by this point, BUT she wasn't walking or climbing stairs, so...I guess it evens out.

His absolute favorite thing is TRUCKS. If we drive by any sort of construction site he gets so excited. Cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, cement trucks, buses, motorcycles. This kid loves it all! He loves to push around his cars & trucks at home & make motor noises - so cute.

He's started coloring a little bit, is much more interested in books these days (which I'm thrilled about) particularly if they have trucks in them!

He has a kewpie doll look with a curl on the top of his head & two curls on the sides of his head; a goofy giggle & smile but MY GOD is he ornery lately. I hope that he is getting some teeth & that he will be charming boy again soon. He is growing up so fast.

I love my little guy. I love watching him start to conquer the world.

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Sarah in Scotland said...

They are both growing up so fast! Next time we Skype maybe I can hear them?