Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday in the car as we were driving, Dahlia said "S-T-O-P Stop!" I was so proud of her! She spelled! Eeek! The other day she pointed out "B-O-O" in a book & read it. It's so cool and yet she's growing up SO fast. Eeek.

On our walk yesterday we drove by a back hoe/bulldozer (which August thought was the coolest thing EVER). She then informed me that she wants to be the following when she grows up: 1) A Cowgirl; 2) a Ballerina; 3) a Truck Worker (ie: construction worker); & 4) a Mama.... all noble pursuits, eh? I love kids.

Today as she was supposed to be napping, she wasn't. She was playing & not even playing quietly, but I didn't care. At least she was in her room & I had a few moments to myself. She started yelling for me after about an hour "MOMMY!" (after not sleeping at all) "I took a WONDERFUL nap! I am done napping now! I'm reading to come downstairs. You don't have to worry about me being crabby tonight!"

That kid cracks me up

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