Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year

In the past I've made excessive lists about all the things I'm going to accomplish (or at least the goals I've set) for the new year to come. Mostly I do not come close, but the lists allow me to keep my brain somewhat organized.

Last year I resolved to do one thing - learn how to knit socks. Well, I was halfway successful. This summer I knitted one sock. One sad sock that still does not have a mate. Ah well. At least I was .500 for the year.

This year I feel like my brain/resolutions are split in two. Pre-new-baby and post-new-baby. So here are my goals for both:

-Patch, prime & paint our bedroom, put up artwork, acquire (somehow) night stands & a reading light for me.
-Strip the wallpaper in the baby's room, prime, paint, make cute valance, artwork etc for new little peanut. Dig out Dahlia's early infant stuff. Get ready.
-Paint those godforsaken ugly flesh colored bookshelves!!!!!!
-Paint stairs leading up.
-Live more frugally/save more money
-Declutter, pare down, sell anything I can on eBay or Craigslist
-Find 'work-at-home' employment that is feasible with two small children
-Balance my checkbook regularly
-Meal plan
-Start actually following "FlyLady's" advice instead of deleting the emails without opening them.
-See friends as often as possible.
-Go on dates with my husband.
-Document Dahlia's life as much as possible.
-Read every day.
-Write more letters.
-Finish my film. Sell it for millions of dollars (you gotta have goals, right?)
-Fill the freezer with meals for immediately PNB (post-new-baby)

-Let go of the small stuff.
-Sleep whenever I can.
-Try not to freak out.
-Go on dates with my husband.
-Take lots of walks.
-Document Dahlia's & NB (new baby)'s life as much as possible.
-Lose the baby weight that will ultimately get me down if I don't at least try.
-Schedule Girls' Weekend for the fall...make margaritas.

You get the idea...a lot of house stuff coming up, a lot of "not freaking out" also in the near future as I realize that REALLY I need to have my projects (home, work, etc) DONE in 3 months. THREE MONTHS, PEOPLE! Because not only COULD NB come early (ala Dahlia) even if he/she doesn't, I will be rotund & miserable by April and won't want to do anything. So, yeah, that's 3 months. Holy cow. Is there a pause button?

Anyway - not so much resolutions as my "list." A guide I will try to follow....

If I had to make a ONE-WORD resolution this year it would be: SIMPLIFY.

That is all.


feisty said...

nice list...i know you will get the pre-baby stuff done.

the only important post-baby one is to SIMPLIFY and LET GO (of housework, stress, etc,) i am working on that one myself.

post-baby weight...grrrr. that is one i hope to have time to address myself.

post-baby meals: count me in for a least once!

Kate said...

I am ALL about decluttering and simplify-ing. I think living in Tiny Apartment really helped me with that. So, if you ever need to courage to just GET RID OF SOMETHING, call me. I'll help you let go. And dude! I am SO coming to visit you this summer. And I will bring lots and lots of freezer food.

Meigan said...

Love, love, love it. You have your s*&t together, woman.

MamaD4 said...

Let me know if you ever come up with a feasible WAH job! I would love to find something I could do a few hours per day.

That is a good list. I need to make mine yet (only a week late, sheesh!).