Thursday, May 28, 2015


Well, I guess I'm winning the Eating Lottery this week. Aside from the taquitos incident, this week has been EASY!

Tonight - potluck/picnic at August's pre-school. His LAST EVENT at Pre-SCHOOL - FOR.EVER. AND EVER. *sigh*

I digress.

So the kids had:

August: some plain crackers, a handful of cheetos, apple juice and a cookie (not homemade - one with all sorts of crap in it).

Dahlia: some meat balls in marinara (about this I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED!), fruit salad (various melon & one grape), cheetos, crackers, the same "fake" cookie that August had and a brownie with apple juice.


At least EVERY OTHER SINGLE KID THERE was eating the same thing.


Okay - tomorrow on the menu plan - MICKEY MOUSE WAFFLES and bacon. Yup. It was Dahlia's turn to pick a meal. So be it.

We will load up on vitamins & cantaloupe, won't we......

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Bren + Lucy said...

Such a positive and exciting post - you are doing so well here.