Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Ugh - been failing at the whole feeding my family well thing since the first post.

Last night I had a birthday dinner with some girlfriends that I went to. I made the kids some Star Wars Mac & Cheese (I always add a little greek yogurt these days for extra creaminess) and green beans. I'm not sure what Steve ate. I had a delicious bacon-cheeseburger with fries. I don't often eat red meat so when I actually want it, I indulge. It was good.

Tonight I worked late; I had a soup on the meal plan and it was 80+ degrees all day so in no way did I want to consume, nor make soup. I suggested spinach strawberry salads - that got no one excited, except for me. Steve ended up eating up frozen leftover Chinese (yes, he reported that it tasted as good as that sounds....blech) and the kids had leftover dinner from last night. I never did get around to making that salad....I ate what was left on August's plate after he magically disappeared from the dinner table, and reappeared on the trampoline. Hmmmm....oh and this was AFTER 7pm. Clearly parenting wins all around here tonight!

(also - THEY'RE STILL AWAKE. It's 9:32 and granted it JUST got dark here but oh my gosh. Sleep already!!!)

Now it's time for me to make broccoli slaw salad & zucchini brownies for a potluck tomorrow night. That sounds good, doesn't it?


I did have one food BIG TIME success this week. on Sunday I prepared 6 yogurt parfaits - essentially this plain greek yogurt (or vanilla) (actually 3 of mine had "honey" yogurt in them); topped with rolled oats; topped with cinnamon; topped with ground flax; topped with sliced almonds; topped with frozen blueberries; topped with canned pineapple. Let them sit overnight and OH MY GOSH - super yummy. Stir it all together in the AM & walk out the door with your new grab-and-go super healthy breakfast! :) I will be making these again! (also I am particularly proud that I made enough for Steve & I to grab-and-go a few times this week AND that I am using recycled peanut butter jars for this endeavor!

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