Saturday, November 08, 2014

8. Canvas & Chardonnay

This is a stupidly, ridiculous, fun time. And the people that came up with it are probably millionaires by now. Give people wine/cider, a canvas, the paint, the painting/inspiration, an instructor & a Friday night to work it all out. GENIUS. We did ours for My Mom's & Aunt's bday's and it was AT the actual vineyard. So much fun....... I could do this once a week. I'm not lying.

Ordering beverages

My blank canvas, paint, brushes & my cider (no ACTUAL Chardonnay - lame!)

Ready-set-go! Blank canvases in front of us.....

Step 2

Serious concentration

Step 3


And another step (note, my painting is upside-down...)

A weird panoramic of all of our paintings.

My latest work of "art."

I adore how these all look together!!

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