Thursday, November 06, 2014

6. School Carnival

We had a school carnival at Dahlia's school tonight. It is put on every fall by an education "club" from UMD. A very busy evening of activities & dinner put on by bright-faced, energetic, future teachers. It's a lot of fun. We skipped the dinner (spaghetti) in favor of doing all the activities. Last year we ran out of time. The kids participated in an inter-active "funhouse" (they were training to be clowns - had to stretch, do jumping jacks, hula hoop, jump rope & do crunches); They played charades; they made a bouncy ball at the science table, an optical illusion at the optical illusion table; did some math & spelling & played a "musical chairs" type game featuring different world cultures. They also got to make a cotton candy art project & eat REAL cotton candy (they both like it for about 3 bites & they are done). The made masks & got a free book too.

It's a little crazy & hectic, but they really had fun so I'm glad we went. I appreciate how many fun family nights that her school has. I know not all the kids have as much access to doing different types of activities & it is very important to foster a good school culture.

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