Tuesday, November 04, 2014

4. Voting

Of course I voted. I vote in all the elections. Even the primaries. I feel it's important. I read up on candidates (although sometimes not enough - who in the heck are all these judges?!?). I try to come up with my own feelings about whose running - regardless of what party they are affiliated with. I don't watch TV so I've been saved from the bevy of political mud-slinging and search out alternate sources for researching the candidates online. It's not perfect, they're not perfect. I am NOT perfect in my research, but it works for me. I voted for several different parties tonight....I sometimes feel like I'm "wasting" my vote by voting for some of the "littler guys/gals" but at the same time, if enough people step back & look at whose running & what they're running for, maybe things will change. I think a 2-party system is arcane & is not representational of the citizens of our country. I put up my flag this morning, I voted, I took the kids voting & explained a few things to them (about how important it is to make up your own mind, vote who YOU want to, etc etc) and now am going to eat my crock-pot dinner. America!

oh! And in these election results, it looks like it's a toss up for favorite movie & favorite breakfast cereal....BUT favorite villain was a landslide - Zach from Wild Kratts. Congratulations, Zach!

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