Sunday, November 02, 2014

2. Outside

Well, I didn't really take any pics of Steve opening his gifts (Hullo Pillow, Brewhouse t-shirt, wood burning tool) and I am only now making his bday dessert (pumpkin bars) AND we didn't even MAKE IT out for dinner last we're headed to the Brewhouse tonight.

Launching the boats.
We stopped at "our creek beach" and launched some boats. It was quite hilarious to hear the kids scream in terror as if the boats would be lost forever (the creek is very slow going this time of year...all were rescued).
My handsome husband.

We did take a lovely hike. Well, mostly lovely. Dahlia crabbed & screamed & whined most of the way until I bribed her with snacks & then she had fun. Oy vey. Heartbreaking when she says she "doesn't like hiking" any  more. She's going to be in for a rude awakening when that's what we're going to keep doing!

Me & my little cutie (photo by Dahlia).
We stopped in the middle of the creek to eat our aforementioned snacks. It was so cold on the rocks but so warm in the sun. Ah autumn. I am happy it was clear & sunny. It makes it that much easier to put off thoughts of winter. I'm just not ready.

Two of my favorite guys.  Love that they match!
August REALLY wanted to show me the "swimming pools" (had been talking about it for 2 days). Dahlia REALLY wanted to go I hiked on up with August...I don't think he paused for 2 seconds the whole way. All stream-of-consciousness. Sometimes it gets really annoying. But it was really sweet today & perfect. He held my hand and excitedly pointed things out & led the way. Oh my boy.  We did find the "swimming pool" and sat & he had round 2 of snacks.
August at the "swimming pools."

August through the culvert. 
We collected some wood & bark along the way so we could use the new wood burner eventually. I'm looking forward to Steve getting crafty! As are the kids. :) I hope it likes it.

Okay - gotta frost the pumpkin bars & get out for dinner! Yum!

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