Saturday, November 01, 2014

1. Halloween

Day one of NaBloPoMo - we'll see how I do this year! Hopefully I will be inspired & committed to posting each day in November. It's always hard but let's do it!

DPL Main Library Staff
Halloween was a lot of fun and a lot of hectic too. Work was good. A lot of us dressed up - especially from Circulation which is always a good time. I was pretty lazy with my costume this year. I couldn't get inspired. I ended up buying a bright orange wig & thought maybe I'd be a scarecrow, but ended up being some kind of "good witch" instead. It worked okay. ;)
Me, dorky as usual
Farmer Jess

I left work a bit easy to get the kids "early" so we could attempt to eat & get our pumpkins out before going trick-or-treating. It's always such a hectic mess. Trying to get two hyper kids to cooperate sometimes is like herding cats.

Spiderman & Mike Wazowski
Our friends Tomas & Angie headed over with their son Milos & we were all off. We didn't stray far from home but hit a lot of houses with front lights on. August was complaining that his bag was TOO HEAVY - oh the woes. They scored a lot of treats, we met a few more neighbors & it was a good time. There was a lot more action in the neighborhood than in previous years. It was cold but clear. It was fun to see so many people out & about. Well,not on OUR street, but down a block. Our block is pretty lame. *sigh*

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After trick-or-treating we headed inside to warm up & view IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN which is tradition. We had yummy popcorn & snuggled on the couch until almost all of us were asleep. ha. Steve ended up carrying a very tired August up to bed & I read about a 1/2 a book to Dahlia before we were both out.

Pippi Longstocking & Frankenstein's Monster
I woke up two hours later (grrrr) and Steve had gone to a bonfire at our neighbor Jim & Sally's house. I was so mad that I slept so long! All I wanted to do was end my day & go to bed....which is what I ended up doing. I'm such a party animal these days. :)

We're celebrating Steve's birthday today since Halloween gets so crazy. More on that tomorrow. :)

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