Sunday, October 12, 2014


 To begin the day - some whole wheat (I totally cheated on the gluten-free thing) Mickey Mouse waffles with the best maple syrup every. My co-worker's father-in-law makes it. Yum. (the kids, ridiculously, prefer "Log Cabin." gah)

Then Dahlia starts "organizing." I nearly had a heart attack when I saw her "progress." We were able to recycle quite a few things though, thankfully.

There was some screen time - GoNoodle. It's an interactive "brain break" website that the kids use at school. Dahlia loves it & it gets them both up & dancing. Pretty cute. 

Later (after the whining, lordy!) we went outside & jumped in leaves. Ahhhhh, fall....

I may or may not have had a glass of wine & continued reading my book while the leaf-jumping was happening....

August moved into his Booster seat. He was pretty proud. I believe his words were, "I'm special." Indeed you are, kiddo.

Then there was dropping off of the children at the in-laws (by my hubby); me taking the LONGEST AND MOST UN-INTERRUPTED SHOWER EVER (which was awesome);  Steve & I went to HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH at the Duluth Underground, which was fantastic; a drink with a long-time friend & new paramour after; followed by the most amazing wild rice/mushroom egg rolls from The Happy Wanderer food truck. OH MY GOD - delicious. 

Not too shabby for a Saturday, eh? Our regular babysitter had Strep (stay back!) so I thought we were going to be screwed for the show I had already purchased tickets for, but thankfully the in-laws stepped in and TOOK THE KIDS ALL NIGHT.

I laid in bed until 9:30 this morning. And angels sang.

I love weekends.

What did you get up to?

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