Monday, November 12, 2012


Another awesome perk of working at the library is MOVIES! We circulate a lot of movies. I am often on the wait list for months & months, only to have 5 or 6 come in for me at once! And so I often just return a bunch without watching them. Which stinks. Ah well. It's the dark time of year now so I figure more movie watching is in m future. And hopefully Santa will bring us a DVD player (wifi enabled, okay, I mean blu-ray player...) Anyway - I updated my viewing list. Here are my micro reviews of those:

THE MUPPETS - loved. Of course I saw it in the theater (with Dahlia & my Mom) and felt a little disappointed after seeing it. My expectations were HIGH! But after viewing again - at home with the fam - I really enjoyed it. I love the song & dance. I love seeing places that were in my neighborhood when I lived in Hollywood. I love that my kids are really starting to dig The Muppets.

THE HELP - I read the book when it came out & heard mixed reviews from people who had loved the book and hated the movie or vice versa. Weird. So I was nervous. But I think enough time had passed and I had forgotten some of the parts of the books or something. I really liked this movie a lot. This movie made me cry & think about how awful human beings can be to each other, and also made me think about the people that stick their necks out. Yes, I liked this film. (later, after watching, I started filling in the blanks of what the movie left out of the book - I guess it didn't bother me too much.)

THE SOCIAL NETWORK - I wanted to love this movie. But I didn't. I think it was kind of boring. I purposefully updated my status on my FB account several times while watching this film. Just to make a point. FaceBook still blows my mind and the movie was *okay* but not great.

UNKNOWN - I had never heard of this gem (starring the delicious Liam Neeson) but had seen it come & go from the library so snagged it one of those times. I loved this film. Well written & acted with lots of nice twists, a little action, not too much violence, but it kept me guessing. Steve & I actually sat down together & watched this film & we both really liked it. Check it out.

CONTRABAND - Eh. Typical - guns - drugs - money - heist - things go wrong  - it was okay. I like Mark Wahlberg & enjoy this genre now & then. But this was a bit boring & I kept falling asleep. I might just have been tired.

WHIP IT - I adore Ellen Page - I liked this movie. Cute, quirky. Not great CINEMA but very enjoyable. This film circulates like crazy!! Is it the Roller-Derby angle?

GAME OF THRONES - AWESOME. Need I say more? I have read the first book and 3/4 of the 2nd in the George RR Martin (not to be confused with the Beatles' producer George Martin....)  series and have really been enjoying it. The series, awesome. I think the casting was SPOT ON. Of course I knew the surprises that were coming up (who would die, etc) but it didn't matter. I loved it. Of course the book has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more in it and there were a few things added to the series that were extraneous in my opinion, but ah well. Sean Bean as Eddard Stark is awesome but even more awesome is Peter Dinklage as Tyrion. That roll was BUILT for him. I am loving watching him.  I am re-invigorated to finish the 2nd book & move on to the third. I got to watch part of the first episode of the 2nd season last weekend and am chomping at the bit for more!! Dangit sometimes I wish I had cable!

THE HUNGER GAMES - waited forever to see this...finally got to. I enjoyed it but have been turning it over in my head ever since. The book is so much better. The movie hits all the right points & it's interesting to see it all laid out - but so many of the relationships are short-changed (and the entire moment of when she gets the Mockingjay pin...? Totally weird &different). And the whole idea of Katniss becoming someone that the entire district and then country gets behind is sort of lost in the shuffle. So, it's one of those cliche sayings - the movie was good, but the book was SO MUCH BETTER! Ah well. I enjoyed it.

MOONRISE KINGDOM - I love Wes Anderson. I really do. RUSHMORE (and Bottle Rocket) are two of my favorite films. I love his goofy/dorky style. I love how he makes everything look & I love how he moves the camera. I thought that Moonrise was a very quirky, interesting film...but I wanted more. A little more story. A little more plot. I liked it, I liked it for it's oddity and simplicity and yet...I wanted more. Perhaps that's contradictory but ah well, my blog. There are a couple Anderson films I have yet to see and will rectify hopefully soon.

So there you have it! All caught up on my SO INCREDIBLY engaging movie reviews. Oh I'm also currently watching BREAKING BAD (season 1) and PARKS AND RECREATION (season 4). Oh and I caught up with WEEDS - which (super-micro-review) felt so much better than season it's getting on track to be the more fun show back when everyone was happy (!) in Agrestic!

I'm caught up on now on movies so hopefully some more will come for me this week!

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feisty said...

Bottle Rocket was awesome. Never saw Rushmore so I will have to check that out!

I saw the Help, but haven't read it. Might have to now.