Sunday, November 11, 2012

Micro Reviews!

I am alive & updated my reading list ---------------> over there tonight! whohoo! Amazing how working in a library gets you in the mood to READ ALL THE TIME. It's awesome. So - a couple of super short reviews:

FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY/FIFTY SHADES DARKER - crap. Total crap. Okay, okay - there's lots of sex and it is indeed "Mom Porn" but the writing is so bad. So yucky bad. I don't want to read the word "petulant" on the page more than once EVER but certainly not multiple times. I don't ever want to read the phrase " inner goddess...." again nor do I wish to hear about someone biting their lip. Ugh. I kept waiting for a plot. That was my problem. Needless to say, I resisted reading the third one. What a waste of time.

GONE GIRL - awesome. Loved it. The writing is snappy & interesting. There are TWISTS (!!!) that made me go SHUT UP out loud! I really enjoyed reading this book. A lot.

so much so that I read Gillian Flynn's two previous books:

DARK PLACES  - I really enjoyed this too. Dark yes, but good in a "true crime" sort of way.


SHARP OBJECTS - also really enjoyed. Also dark. Love the twists & turns. Enjoy her writing immensely.  (but GONE GIRL is still my fave)

BLOOM - the memoir written by a fabulous blogger whom I love Kelli Hampton . It's a book about redirecting your entire outlook after your world is rocked. In her case, having a 2nd daughter who has Downs Syndrome, and what that journey has been like. Her blog is awesome. Her photographs are beautiful. Her life is so incredibly blessed. It was a good read.

WE BOUGHT A ZOO - I wanted to see the movie, but wanted to read the book first....but don't have time, so listened to it at work (while buffing children's dvds, actually). I enjoyed it quite a bit although found parts really dry. I still haven't seen the film but cant' really believe they made it into one! I'm assuming they added some drama. It was a good listen. Not great, but good.

BELOW STAIRS - claimed to be the memoirs that inspired DOWNTON ABBEY - I had to read it! It is written very simply as an autobiography of a kitchen maid from that era. Enlightening. Not earth shattering but a very entertaining & quick read.

CUTTING FOR STONE - BEAUTIFUL! What I would deem modern LITERATURE. A story that takes time to unfold, draws you in without you realizing it and opens your eyes to worlds beyond in a subtle and very effective way. I loved this book.

MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN - what a crazy book! I totally dug it. Sort of magical, sort of a mystery - easy to read with tons of creepy ACTUAL photographs from decades gone by. Fantastic & surreal, this book was a fun adventure. I dug it.

EATING, SLEEPING AND GETTING UP - HOW TO END THE DAILY BATTLES WITH YOUR CHILD - um, yeah.....that's where I'm at. This book was reaffirming. Meaning - it reaffirmed that I need to stick to my guns and not let a certain someone's tantrums get the best of the situation. *sigh* so much to remember all the time. I thought this was good....not a great parenting book, but had quite a few ideas I took away with me.

THE JOY OF LESS - love this book. Lots of great ideas to declutter your house & live more simply. Still working on it.

ALICE'S TULIPS - another book I listened to while mending books at the library. I've enjoyed Sandra Dallas's other works, and found this one entertaining as well. Not quite what I expected & it wasn't something I "couldn't put down" but I did enjoy it.

That sort of brings me up to date. I have two great books at home that I"m reading (GODS WITHOUT MEN and CLOUD ATLAS and another at the library waiting for me WILD)...I realize that working in the library there are too man books & too little time! such a great problem to have!


MamaD4 said...

I read Kelle Hampton's blog too and think her story is beautiful. Almost TOO beautiful, you know? She's somewhat realistic in that she'll talk about what a mess her house is at times, but seriously, the rest of the times, everything looks like it's been placed by a set dresser, you know? She has such joie de vivre that she's hard to resist.

Also loved "Gone Girl" and am on to one of her other books...just started it last night and was so tired I got two pages in and fell asleep, so I don't remember what it was called.

Just finished "Oliver Twist" and very surprisingly, loved it. I thought it would be very heavy, but a lot of it was fairly humorous. FREE on the Kindle.

Thanks for the reviews! I envy you your job in the library--I worked at the local library my last two years of high school and I loved it!

MamaD4 said...

I want to hear about "Cloud Atlas" looks super confusing to me.

Also, I finally read "A Million Little Pieces" a couple of weeks ago and even though James Frey came out and said it was mostly a big fat lie, I still found it an entertaining story. Did you read it when it came out? It was $.47 at the thrift store, I couldn't resist!

carrster said...

Cloud Atlas WAS confusing to me. And I think I missed a lot of the good stuff about it because I was a bit confused and also reading probably too many books at once. Ugh. Occupational hazard. I haven't read A MILLION LITTLE PIECES but it's always on my reading list! Someday I'll read it. Even if it is a lie!