Monday, September 03, 2012


It's been so much fun seeing how much our little tiny raised bed garden is producing. And it was an experiment year. Due to an over zealous husband while I was away....we ended up with 17 tomato plants in our one little bed! While we have REALLY been enjoying tomato plants, they pretty much crowded out the beans, cukes & peppers. So this year we have lots of tomatoes, a couple of squash & that's about it! Next year the tomatoes are going in their own bed, or in pots so we can grow a few other things!

August can eat his weight in grape tomatoes, daily. Wish we had a couple of those plants. I miss having fresh green beans & zucchini, but I'll make sure there's room for them next year. I'm surprised we're getting as much as we are. We got 10" of rain (in one day) the week after we planted the garden & we've been experiencing horrible drought like conditions ever since.

I am looking forward to growing more next year! It's amazing to see what just a little space can provide! Think of how much food we could grow if everyone had a little plot & less grass & lawns!

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Angelia Sims Hardy said...

That is a very nice cache you got there! They look fabulous!