Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lack of Internet Life

Seems like the only thing I'm updating on this blog these days is my reading list. ha. Which is sort of funny. At least to me. Still reading a lot. In fact, since I've started working I'm reading a lot more. I'm not used to having a full hour, once a day, in which to simply eat lunch & read. I will take it!

I miss blogging though. I miss writing. I miss catching up with my friends in real life via their blogs & my friends in cyberspace via their blogs. *sigh*  I long for a time when I have time to sit down & recap my weekends or show my projects or simply vent. Maybe I'll get there someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I miss having this be my "journal" my diary of my life complete with photos.

This is the least I've written on this blog in the past 8 years of its existence. It makes me sad. So many things about who I am/was in my past have simply vanished. Or maybe not vanished but "re-invented." But many of those things I still miss. Sometimes so much so that my heart aches. Not that I want to replace anything that's new with the old, but wishing sometimes it was easier to incorporate it all.

I keep trying. I keep trying. I keep trying to find the time.

Carve it out minute by minute before there is nothing left.


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-Peder said...

I know exactly what you mean. I miss those days when I had time and energy. Not that I'd trade the kids for them, of course. But man, I must have wasted a lot of time back then!
Good to hear from you when you do have time!