Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding Time

I was so excited. I messaged my babysitter for this morning (incidentally, my cousin Anna) to ask if she could come a half an hour earlier. She could! That would give me a full hour after leaving my house & before my first appointment. My plan: Take the laptop, head to McDonalds for cheap food & free wifi & limitless diet coke and BLOG!!

Well, I'm here. But I had to get August out of the high chair & get him cleaned up before I left the house. I also was in the middle of wiping counter tops & putting away breakfast stuff. So didn't leave until probably 9:10am.

Then, had to drop off my yarn & pick up the new yarn for the day. That was quick but I probably spent 4 minutes trying to find the parking ticket that I need to pay from last week in my mess of a purse. I thought maybe I could just stop at the police station & pay it since I was downtown & kidless. That's no longer an option apparently. Okay, now 5 minutes wasted.

Travel time to McDonald's - another 5 minutes. Couldn't find my wallet when I got into McDonald's - another 5 minutes wasted. By time I got my food, drink & found a place to sit....I only had 20 minutes before my first appointment. ARGH. My grand plan of researching crock-pot freezer meals & other once-a-month cooking schemes along with uploading some pics & stories to my blog turned into me reading one website briefly & this post. I have 7 minutes before I am supposed to be meeting my financial planner*. The guy I have flaked out on appointments with for the past 3 times. Argh.

So, that's all you get for now. I am dying to blog. I'm still taking photos. I'm still writing in my head. I need the outlet. Hopefully I'll get back here soon.

*I always chuckle to myself when I meet my "financial planner" - it's really simple to plan when you have no finances! haha!

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feisty said...

things sound crazy. your readers will be here. waiting....

(PS financial planner. that sounds like something grown-ups should have, but i have never even considered. huh.)