Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Birthday Party

August's 2nd Birthday Party was a success! We ended up having it at the hotel my folks were staying at. That worked out great because it was handicapped accessible - both of my in-laws were able to attend - yay! It also worked really nicely because there was so much space. Way more than our house. We just had a simple party in the breakfast area of the hotel. I brought in the food with a little help from my Mom & that was about it.

The kids loved having the space to run around & also loved taking a dip in the pool afterwards. They get so wound up when they're all together! Wow. 

August got a lot of really cool new toys. He's been having so much fun playing with this new "Wheelie" sets (from Auntie Sam & Grandma Carolyn) and with the mega bloks (from Grandma & Grandpa Rossow). He also got other trucks & vehicles from Auntie Allison & Auntie Kathy. He's in heaven! I'm even stashing a gift of Duplo blocks which I *plan* on rotating in in a few months. Keep it fresh. Hopefully I'll remember to do that!

August is like a different kid when he has a lot of one-on-one attention. He is SO GOOD. Not clingy & whiney, rarely cries, goes to bed good & is much quieter. I think the constant presence of his big sister really affects him. In good & bad ways. Dahlia was with Grandma & Grandpa R on Friday afternoon & August was so content. It was like having a different kid! Then on Sunday when my folks left, they took Dahlia & cousin Hannah with them to Austin for a few days. It's been so EASY with just one kid.

Well, easy until last night when August was miserable. Come to find out the poor kid has strep. Argh.

We're supposed to all meet up tomorrow to do the "kid swap" at the Children's Museum in St. Paul....BUT...now I'm wondering what to do. August will have had 3 doses of his antibiotic by then so hopefully he'll be okay. I just had to share germs with the ENTIRE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM. Hmph. We'll have to see what happens.

I can't believe April is over. It was such a crazy busy month. I'm looking forward to a quieter May. But somehow, as I type that, I have a feeling that May will ramp up in craziness as well. Ah well. That's life.

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feisty said...

48 hours after antibiotics and he won't be contagious, so go for the museum :)

Cute party platters: august must love his veggies! And his Elmo...