Friday, April 27, 2012, two, three

I'm up & ready to go this morning to take the Civil Servant test for Duluth. It's for a library job that I applied for back in December (they're timely, eh?). The libraries here in Duluth are open a lot more hours this year which is AWESOME which also means they are hiring a bunch of people. I guess the deluge of applicants for both librarians and library techs was overwhelming. So, now it's April. Anyway - I haven't taken a test in about a million years. I hope I remember what to do & act accordingly.

In other news, no more news from the festival which makes me think that we are not getting in. I know they notify the ones that get in before they notify the ones that don' the longer the worse off, I guess. Ugh.

In other other news - it's August's 2nd birthday today! I hope to have time later to post some cute pics of him recently. He's such a cutie-pie. I could eat him up daily...and I usually do!

Okay- better not be late for the big exam!

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feisty said... is it so far? are you going crazy yet trying to balance everything? is it FT or PT? i hope you still have time to blog and pinterest and all that fun stuff!