Friday, April 06, 2012

Not Abanandoned...Just....

Well, due to overwhelming demand (one comment) from  my reader, I just wanted to let you know, this space has not been abandoned. It's just on unofficial hiatus, I guess. I write blog posts by the...uh...tens in my head. None of them seem to make it here. I take photos of things I'm going to blog about. And then don't. I'm just so incredibly busy right now. 100% of the time. I am working 2 jobs from home while watching the munckins (full time, daycare/pre-school ended for us this past week - waaaaaah!). My house is a disaster zone, I'm stressed out by all the piles & piles & piles every day...but hey, right now it's where I'm at (read: I'm trying not to get too stressed out about everything so I'll leave it at that).

Potential blog posts coming soon:

My Book Club - reviews of the first 6 books

Pinterest February/March challenge

Yarn! Yarn! Yarn!

WTF am I doing with my life? (sorry for the abbreviated swearing, Mom)

And others.

I did just post a recipe for homemade taco season here if you are so bereft & need a blog post from me. It's 100% informational in nature. The seasoning mix is good though, I think.

Happy Easter!


feisty said...

Finally, a post to read at 2 am nursing time. Glad to hear you are busy with two jobs (!?!?) but sorry house stuff is stressing you. Messy house with clutter is normal. Clutter here is unmanageable...but I feel we have a free pass on that until kids are like 13 or so.

Sarah in Scotland said...

I so know how you feel....well the being behind on posting and writing blogs in your head part :-) But I was happy to see that you even had this post :-)