Monday, April 09, 2012

A Crazy Idea?

So the other day I was watching THE SOUND OF MUSIC with Dahlia. Dahlia has been really digging it since we went to a production of it back in December here in Duluth. It helped that she knew Captain Von Trapp (& has a huge crush on him, I must add) and one of the nuns. We've been singing along to the music on Pandora & when we saw the DVD at the library on Friday she put back the others she had picked out to get that one. Ahhh, a child after my own heart.

And we watched. She did pretty good (although we have yet to get through the end). The movie chokes me up. Quite literally. I am a mess. Mostly because it reminds me of a time when I spent a lot of my time on stage performing. The music is almost too much for me at times & I had to leave the room on more than one occasion so Dahlia wouldn't wonder what was wrong with me. Ha! (I'm sure she wonders sometimes!).

I posted a remark on Facebook about it making me melancholy & almost immediately one of my old Summerset Theatre pals from Austin messaged me about auditions for THE SOUND OF MUSIC at the end of April. The show goes up mid-June in Austin.

And then I got to thinking....could I? Would I? Could I move the kids & I down to my parents' house for a month - month & a half and do a show? Could this help me with what's been missing in my life? Could I live there & carry on as I do now, but instead of stressing out about how much there is to do around our house, go to rehearsal every night instead? Could I? Should I? Is it just crazy? To think that I could 1) audition and get the lead (because quite frankly, doing a big move to be a member of the nun's chorus? Sorry, but I think I've paid my dues & I'm not sure I'd go there) but to be MARIA? Is it arrogant to think these thoughts? I don't think I've ever gone into an audition saying I only want THIS part (because when I was young & had lots of free time, I didn't care what part - just to BE ON STAGE...) But now....could I??

Could I?

There are logistics to be worked out. Plans to consider. I would have to see if I could take a hiatus from my winding job, and if we could get through a month without me being paid, but....

The possibility sort of fills me with excitement. To perform! To be on stage! To sing!!! To be haunting the backstage areas I still remember so vividly in my mind. To set "mom" aside for a bit and be someone else....?

Could I?


Sarita said...

If anyone could pull that off, I you could! (Sarah said, a little enviously)

-Peder said...

Oh man oh man oh man, I hope you do!

feisty said...

You sound excites! Could you wind yarn from down there and ship back to Duluth? Would kids stay at your parents? Sunds crazy, but fun. I know you could get the part!!!