Saturday, February 25, 2012


I love that this year's "CAOK" theme is correspondence. Yay! I'm a big fan, myself. Always have been.

I've recently been writing/receiving letters & postcards again from my penpal of 30 YEARS! Yes, that's right! We started writing to each other when we were 8. We got each other's info off a show on PBS called "The Big Blue Marble" - I don't remember anything about that show except it was on Sunday mornings & at the end you could write in for a pen pal. 30 years later & voila! Still writing. It's amazing. I've met him twice. It's been a cool experience - one that could use several blog posts of it's own!

So this week I've written to my Grandma & dear Kelli who started this all. I also just wrote 6 postcards so I can continue my nerdy "Project Postcard" ...uh, project. I still have a lOT of postcards to unleash on the world!

Are you doing any corresponding?

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