Friday, January 27, 2012

No go

No go with the job I had two interviews with this month. I woud've really liked it (I think). I would've been working in the arts (albeit in a administrative format). I would've had an office. *sigh* C'est la vie. On to the next. So far 6 rejections in 2 months. 5 more applications pending. Needless to say I've started to take friends & family up on the offer to look over my resume & cover letter. Starting to feel like  a failure. That is inevitable, I think. No matter how positive one can be. *sigh*

Also rejected by SXSW yesterday. Within 2 weeks of their announce date which means once again we were *close* but not quite good enough. *sigh*

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feisty said...

Sxsw is crazy. Riley is hilarious and heartwarming.

I am mad you didn't get the job. No fair. Maybe someone 'transferred in' internally? Sucks. I think you will find something better though, and soon.