Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boyfriend Scarf

At long last! The "Boyfriend Scarf" which I made for Steve for Christmas 2010, is finished! I think I actually finished it last Feb or March but it took me until last night to weave in the ends. How lame is that?? The pattern is from Chicks with Sticks . It's a very cool book that I've had on loan from a friend longer than I should admit. The yarn is delicious & would knit up really fast on big needles, but the point of the scarf is to be super warm so it's only done on size 5's (maybe 6's? I can't remember, it's been a while!). It's a simple basket weave pattern which I love.

Hopefully it'll keep Steve warm! It's been a long time coming!


Sarah in Scotland said...

Shouldn't it be called a husband scarf! :-)

carrster said...

ha! The pattern is titled "Boyfriend Scarf" - but yes, HE is my husband. ;)