Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Little Angel

Today marked Dahlia's "stage" debut. I must admit, I took a photo of her name in the program. The first of many I'm sure (I hope?). She was an Angel in the Christmas program at our church. And oh - my - goodness, she was edible she was so cute & sweet - if I do say so myself.
The Littlest Angel

She has been really good at the music for weeks now. We have a CD of the songs & I'm about ready to bash my head in from listening to the simplistic, repetitive tunes & lyrics, but she eats it up. She walks around the house talking about laying the baby in the manager & the stars sparkling & shining.

Yesterday she had rehearsal & although she was bored to tears (well, bored enough to lean, sit, yawn, play with her tongue, etc) she did great.

This morning, however, I was worried. She threw a MAJOR fit before going out the door about being "scared" and not wanting to sing, not liking to sing (yeah, right) and she didn't want to go. I suspect it was more a case of "I still want to play with some new toys I got for my birthday yesterday" than anything else. Eventually we got in the car & made it.
I could seriously eat her alive.

Oh my sweet petite angel. Just like a little doll (side note: do NOT refer to her as "little angel" because CLEARLY she is BIG. Much BIGGER than her brother & she takes great offense to being called little...funny, I seem to remember having the EXACT same attitude!). While they were warming up in costume this morning, my heart nearly exploded from the cuteness factor.

My sister-&-brother-in-law & nephew Allison, Josh & Anders; Carolyn & Roger, Grandma Trudy & Auntie Joan were all in attendance this morning to cheer her on. She gave us slight glances & waves; she sang EVERY single word & did about 65% of the motions. She was simply divine (if I do say so myself). It was amazing to watch her up there. Something that at some point every parent likely feels.

With cousin Anders.
She did great  & I am so proud of my little Angel. We celebrated afterward with cookies & punch & lots of running around in the church. I'm sure I will enjoy the video for years to come.


[LJT] said...

Oh my goodness! She is so adorable! Not gonna lie, this brought tears to my eyes. So sweet.

DD4 said...

Let me be the first to say Dahlia is truly an angel and I loved seeing her photos and hearing all about this important event in your lives. I'm proud of you for taking her to church and allowing her to participate in the programs. You won't regret this. I would have loved to have been at the program, too!

Sarita said...

Oh that face. SO adorable

feisty said...

Cutest angel ever! Love the black shiny shoes too...which make me wish I had a girl to dress...