Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Dahlia!

My baby is 4! How is that even possible?

She began her life like this and this - what a trip to have everything documented so that I can revisit it! What a crazy 4 years it has been.

My sweet peanut is becoming such her own whole PERSON. She is very independent - wanting to do (or at least try doing) everything herself. She is 100% into Princesses and anything PINK. She could play Princess (with her little dolls) for hours upon hours a day. Which is great, but she wants ME to also play the whole time, which gets tiresome, at best. I try to remember these times are fleeting, but some days it's rough!

She is an 'artiste' through & through. I am so happy about that! She is so happy when she's coloring, drawing, CREATING - it's pretty awesome. And I think she's quite talented. Her drawings are awesome. Her people, rainbows, spiders, trees, whatever melt my heart. It's hard to throw her creations away (and we are really running out of space!). She loves to play with my craft supplies - whether it's yarn (when she's "sewing"), markers, stamps, collage making materials, paints, glitter - you name it, she is ready to try. We have so much fun making things together.

She is also so good with her brother (most of the time). When she's not frustrated with him for 'stealing her toys' she is really good about "showing" him how to do things. And most of the time he is receptive. She tells him she will teach him, because she is the big sister & big sisters are good at doing that.

She goes to school one day a week, which is usually a challenge. She says she "misses" me but I know she has a good time once I leave. She's so quiet & such a good listener & follower of directions when she's there. She has learned so much in the last year there - her scissor skills are superb & writing her name is unbelievable!

She still enjoys 'hiking' with us & playing in the creek. We have had so many fun hours of throwing rocks, sticks & toy boats into the water to see where they will end up. She also likes to "fish" when she's down there. Any stick will do.

I love watching her imagination take flight. She doesn't need fancy toys - she just uses whatever is handy to become the bed, the lamp, the Christmas tree, the car the whatever (for her Princesses & friends). A cardboard box house has been played in & loved now for months & months between the two of them.

She could watch a movie every day - but I can't say I blame her, so could I. She loves listening to the "Disney" channel I created on Pandora & has started singing along to songs from Mary Poppins & The Sound of Music which squeezes my heart even more. We have dance parties in the kitchen to whatever is on & we don't miss "Dash's Dance Party" in between shows on PBS.

She is the light of my life. I love her more than I knew was possible.

Can't wait to see what delights the next year will bring!


Meigan said...

Happy birthday Dahlia! What a sweet, sweet post!

Laura Stahl said...

Dahlia is blessed to have such a loving, engaged mommy. She really is the sapling off the mommy tree. May this next year bring even more delights!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, what a joy to read about your love for your family. It's a wonderful blessing! Kelli

Sarah in Scotland said...

I remember holding that little baby like it was yesterday! I can't believe it's already been 4 years. I wish I could be there to play 'princess' with Dahlia. I miss you both very much!

Kate said...

She is such a little person. No longer a child to me. An independent, lovely person!