Saturday, November 05, 2011

5. Window Art

Taking a cue from Play at Home Mom, we did an art project in October. It was a gift for Steve for his birthday. Dahlia loved it! I guided her (trying to let her run the show when it's appropriate more lately). I showed her how to dump out the glue & spread it around. She was in charge of picking the gems & adding whatever fashion she liked. For the 2nd one we did, I brought out some beads that I had stashed away. She LOVED those. "Her" creation (not the one she's giving away) consists mostly of beads. It actually looks pretty cool. I did have to prompt her a bit with the glue - the 2nd one we tried to do just sections of glue at a time so that it would dry before it was 'be-gemmed.'
August wasn't really into it, although he did add a couple all on his own. He did, however, absolutely LOVE playing with the glass beads. I was right there to make sure he didn't eat any of them. I think he loved the smooth texture & I gave him a metal bucket to dump them into & out of - that kept him occupied for probably 20 minutes! Speaking of which, I should get those out again!
This was a really fun project. I spent $2 on frames, $2 on gems & $6 or so on glue - obviously I have gems & glue left over! The dollar store rocks for these types of projects! I have yet to figure out how to hang them up. PAHM suggests using suction cups, but I think Dahlia's creation might be a bit heavy for that. They do look cool in the window (although if we do it again, I would like to get the "clear" drying Elmer's instead of the white school glue.). Oh - And Steve loved his birthday present!


Kate said...

Heck. I'd do this myself.

carrster said...

Kate- it is super fun. :) And the results are quite pretty. When are you moving here? Then we could do this (& play Candyland) ALL. THE. TIME. :)

Sarita said...

Very cool! It looks like you could screw two little eye screws in the back corners, thread pretty ribbon through and hang them from the window latches.

carrster said...

Good idea, Sarah!