Thursday, November 03, 2011

3. November Pinterest Challenge

Last month, my cousin-in-law Michelle & I participated in our own little 2nd Monthly PInterest Challenge. My challenge was to make as many cloth napkins as I could. Varied styles. Hers was to create a pumpkin wreath:
She kicked ass. She did hers so fast & it turned out so cute. She added the sign "Unless you're selling Thin Mints, no soliciting." It turned out great. Well, I only managed to make 4 napkins. Lame. SUPER lame. I did cut two more but I got distracted by making necklaces & card wallets for my Etsy Shop!. Ah well, it'll be an ongoing process for me & I'll make them here & there when I can.
On to the next challenge! We haven't picked them yet, but it'll be another fun month of crafting, I'm sure!

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Sarah in Scotland said...

The napkins are beautiful (as well as the necklaces and wallets)! You made four and that's enough for a typical setting. Not lame at all! It would take me years to finish those. Keep on craftin'!