Tuesday, November 29, 2011

29. November Pinterest Challenge

This month's Pinterest Challenge was to recreate the piece of artwork featured on this blog.  That entry was an attempt to re-create a piece of artwork found at Cost Plus World Market. I liked both of them & when I saw it on Pinterest the colors really caught my eye & I thought - yeah, hey. I could do that. And since I mostly think of doing things with paper, cloth, recycled whatever, I thought this would be fun. And then Michelle (my Pinterest buddy) challenged me to it and voila!


Started off with the tree branches. I used a paint pen - but couldn't find brown. This is actually a metallic gold. I wasn't too sure at first but I really liked how it turned out. Of course when all is said & finished I think from afar a brown would look better as the gold sort of washes out.

I also prepped a canvas for Dahlia & my mother-in-law, Carolyn. (If you don't remember, Carolyn is recovering from a devastating brain hemmorhage that happened back in June). I thought it might be fun to do some kind of "art therapy" - well, not technically of course, but something that would be *different,* to get her brain to work in a new way, to use her arms & fingers, to think artistically (sort of) and something that Dahlia could work on too. This was a great project for that!

In the end I am quite pleased with how this turned out. And it only cost me about $13 (the canvases are 16x20 and I bought a 2 pack and got a 2 pack free - yes! paints were 89 cents each; brushes were 89 cents for a pack of them -I bought two; paint pen was about $2 or so.  Not too shabby!

Here is my finished product....which I may end up hanging on the living room wall!

This one is Carolyn & Dahlia's (I did the stems & added a few leaves). Carolyn mostly did blue, & I love that because blue is a color which means hope. 

December is a terribly busy month! Hopefully I am up for another challenge!


Sarita said...

That is Beautiful! I keep thinking about trying something like this, but my brain and self criticism always get in the way.

DD4 said...

I really like yours and Carolyn's and Dahlia's! Talk about beautiful! How nice that you care so much about your mother-in-law that you would want to do this exercise for and with her.

Sarah in Scotland said...

What a great idea to include Carolyn and Dahlia.