Saturday, November 26, 2011

26. Mah-nah-ma-nah

Doo dooo do do doot

Yeah! We saw the Muppet Movie today - hooray! I loved it but it feel a wee bit short of the mark I was expecting. Probably only because everyone who had seen it RAVED about it, and that's what usually happens. My Mom & I took Dahlia. Her second movie in a theater. She loved it! I loved seeing LA & Hollywood - the "Muppet Studios" is actually the Jim Henson lot that I spent a fair amount of time on when I lived out there (friends worked there). I lived mere blocks from the "Muppet theater" (in reality the El Capitan conveniently owned by Disney - who now owns the Muppets).

It was great to see "the old gang" getting back together again. I wish the Muppet Show could make a weekly return. What a great series that was. Amazing. When they tried to bring back a show in the late 90's it failed, but I think that was because it was on Friday night & they weren't given their due. I'd love to see it try to return to the small screen. Wonderful variety, wholesome family entertainment!

Anyway - I won't spoil anything, but if you dig the Muppets you should check out this movie. I can't wait to show Dahlia the other Muppet movies I have just waiting at home on DVD. I think The Muppet Christmas Carol will be next!

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