Monday, November 14, 2011

14. Money Saving Tips

I sure wish that someone would write an article about simple money saving tips that are not the obvious! Or at least not the things that I already do -

* Give up your designer coffee - check, don't drink coffee anyway...
* Pack a lunch for work - I almost always did this; Steve does this daily
* Meal plan - do it
* Cut your cable - already done
* Limit your "going out" or "out to eat" expenses - we do this
* Eat vegetarian dinner options once or twice a week - do it
* Go to the library instead of buying books/music/movies - yeah, we do this too...

You get the idea. I would really like some tips that would actually help me. I'm down to iPhones, home internet (not giving THAT up), Netflix (streaming only) & I'm trying to sell things that are laying around the house that we don't use &/or take up space....I also am bartering/trading these items for other things that other people may have/ get the idea.

So what about me? How can I save this household more money?!?


Odie Langley said...

Great tips, I'm ready to save.

feisty said...

i'm sure you already coupon? (i get target/super one coupons and then i match them with manufacturer coupons, then plan meals around what we've got. i don't know how i got on target's coupon list, but they are awesome)

Kate said...

I get it. Every time I read money saving tips, I'm all, "Oh! I already do that!" Until I'm at the end and none the wiser. Sigh.