Saturday, November 12, 2011

12. Argh

Not having a wonderful day. Annoyed at many things - I broke my sewing machine...well, I think I just 'put it back together' incorrectly & I have a lot of projects I'd like to be working on; I cannot find my wallet which I think August removed from my purse back on Wednesday (lovely); I cannot find my sewing machine manual; I need a bunch of car repairs - some of which because a certain someone who I live with (not to name names) happened to run over one of our little patio tables with it the other night & now I have no capacity to retain windshield wiper fluid. Oh and I need to have my fillings replaced. Wheeeeeee!

** To top it off, our babysitter that we had lined up for tonight so that we could just go out & get a burger & a drink in peace, cancelled about 45 minutes before we were supposed to pick her up. This set Dahlia OFF - she was sad & mad & "frustrated" & "angry" that she wasn't going to get to play with our babysitter. I felt bad for her. She had been asking when we were going to pick her up from about 2pm on! :( So we took the kids with us which was fine...but not exactly the same experience...*sigh*

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Sarita said...

So amazing how when it rains it pours. I woke up this morning full of energy & plans. That all went to heck as soon as my husband woke up. (not his fault, he just got the ball rolling)