Monday, October 17, 2011

Rice Bin

Well, due to my recent obsession with Play At Home Mom, I've been trying to be more creative about the activities I do with the kids. We really don't spend any money on new toys. I'm mostly okay with this, but sometimes I feel bad...sometimes I get bored. And I know if I get bored, it's quite likely that they get bored too. We get toys as gifts - from Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and my awesome friend Sam who works for Mattel (her 'shipments' get metered out through the years). But one thing I feel totally okay with is 'making' our own toys. So that's what we have been doing!
One rubbermaid bin that was empty in the garage. 2 large(ish) bags of white rice from Cub (plus one refill bag purchased today) about $3.75 a piece - I buy the cheapest rice for this!! Whatever scoops, empty plastic containers, spoons, various utensils, etc. I have awesome retro metal bowls which work great because they make a very interesting sound.
Oh and I keep the vacuum cleaner handy, but try not to stress out about it. If I am getting the rice bin out, I have to expect to vacuum. So be it.
The kids LOVE it. These photos are only of August...I set up the "invitation" for him while Dahlia was at pre-school a couple weeks ago. I thought he would love it since he loves the rice table at ECFE so much. And he did! He loved exploring it. Still does. The kids can sit in this thing for 30-45 minutes & play - together...usually nicely! It is awesome. The best $8.00 I've ever spent!!
I can't wait to try other things in the "sensory" bin - I have lots of ideas.... Oh! And I think the gross motor skills of August climbing in & out of the pool are great for him too.


Sarita said...

Very cool idea. I was just "playing" with rice with my 5th graders last week. We were finding the volume of various shapes. Considering the mess they made, I might have to condsider getting a pool. A friend of mine suggested getting one of those molded plastic pools with a slide in it, a great ramp for cars.

DD4 said...

What a fantastic idea! Little August is adorable.